Julian St. John was born in Los Angeles, California on December 5, 1989, he passed away on November 23, 2014.

He came from  an artistic, athletic, and multi-cultural family of African-American and Hispanic descent. His father, a two-time Emmy award winning actor, and his mother a five-time world boxing champion, raised Julian around music, art, literature, and the martial arts.  In the years to come, Julian would spend countless hours writing and drawing. He was a troubled youth who found solace in his art.  Eventually he left  high school early and was able to hone his skills as an artist. His eccentricity and flamboyant ways found a home in his art.

What doctors found as “troublesome,”  he found as his story. A complex, but extraordinary young man, Julian, takes you through his journey of psychosis in each piece of art. It’s a story of despair and triumph, where reality and delusion become intertwined.

He showcased his art for the first time at The Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in a one man show. The media followed this event and featured him in many of the local papers as well as the Huffington Post. He also made his television debut on TV Azteca’s “Entre nos”.

Before his passing, he started StoneArt Studio, as it was his dream that all people suffering would have a place to create art.



Julian’s first art exhibit at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art on March 29, 2013 

Photos from the show: Artist Julian St. John



Julian St. John: Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man

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Rest in peace, beautiful prince…

Venice Beach, Julian St. John

Venice Beach, Julian St. John